Sunday, February 25, 2018

Loving your Liver in Springtime

Spring is upon us along with the marvellous feeling of energy moving up and expanding out. It is the time for new growth and activity after the quiet, hybernating energy of winter.  There  is a bustle in the hedgerow as animals and plants awaken to the warm rays of the sun.  

Spring is also the time that our livers flourish. The  liver is associated with new growth and upward, expansive energy, just like the spring. So this is an ideal time to support your liver. 

Remember to  to be mindful of how you express your emotions at this time of year as they can also burst forth in a strong manner. 

Here are some easy tips for loving your liver this Spring

  • Eat less
  • Spend time everyday in nature especially around trees and upward growing plants
  • Enjoy a brisk body rub using a hot damp towel or loofa
  • Get moving. Be active throughout the day, walk the stairs, stretch at the office desk, go outside during the lunch hour or bike to work.
  • Learn de-stress techniques. Breath deeply and slowly, listen to mindful tapes, or relax to beautiful music
  • Practice slowing down including eating, drinking, and walking.
  • Get up early in the morning
  • Forgive more, complain less. Be grateful for all of life. Accept the ups and downs.
  • Increase leafy greens especially bitter ones like dandelions, and also, nettles, kale, watercress, or arugula. 
  • Have fresh herbs everyday such as basil, parsley, coriander, or chives
  • Include a sour taste in cooking like lemons, granny smith apples, and apple cider or brown rice vinegar
  • Make barley soups or salads
  • Have a high fiber diet including lots of vegetables, whole grains, and beans
  • Include wakame sea vegetable in salads and soups
  • Use Fennel in cooking
  • Increase Chinese cabbage,leeks, celery, spring onions, cabbage, and onions in your dishes 

This simple recipe is wonderful for the liver and gives us the uplifting energy of spring straight from the fields to our table.

Energizing Super Salad

2 tablespoons finely minced parsley or cilantro
2 cups Chinese cabbage shredded
1 small cucumber finely sliced
1 celery stalk finely sliced
3 red radishes finely sliced
1/4 block tofu crumbled
1 tablespoon umeboshi vinegar
2 tablespoons brown rice vinegar
Generous pinch sea salt

Add the umeboshi vinegar to the tofu and mix well. Leave to marinate.

Place the vegetables into a bowl and add the sea salt.

Gently massage the salt into the vegetables. They will start to shine as the liquid is drawn out.

Place a plate on top of the vegetables and then a weight. I use a jug of water.

Let sit for about 15 minutes.
Remove the weight from the salad. Discard any excess liquid.

Add the tofu to the salad and mix gently.

Season with the brown rice vinegar 

Enjoy Love Chef Mel xx

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