Monday, December 31, 2018

Gentle Walk after Meals - ease into 2019

Many of us have be brought up to think that it isn't a good idea to exercise right after eating. Of course intense exercise might not be the best thing but a gentle walk is actually good for your health.

A 10-20 minute relaxing stroll after a meal can help to increase your metabolic rate and increase the energy needed to digest your food.

Studies have shown that a quiet stroll after eating reduces the increase of blood sugar that occurs after consuming a meal. People that walked after a meal had a 12% lower Glucose level than those who did not. Walking or some form of leisure activity can be done after every meal, but especially after meals high in carbohydrates - bread, potatoes or rice. Research has also shown that those with diabetes who walked after meals had a 22% lower glucose level than individuals who didn't. 

After-meal walks can also provide other benefits. A gentle stroll outdoors helps your mind to relax and you can enjoy the fresh air. It lifts the mood and dissipates stress. 

Because the walk is leisurely, you can also take time to nourish the senses 
Listen to the birds singing or water gushing over stones  
Watch children playing or snow falling in the park 
Touch the bark of a tree or the soft petals of the rose  
Smell the freshly cut grass or the salty sea breeze 

If you cannot leave the house or office for some reason, a walk on the tread mill at an easy pace can still offer benefits as it increases your heart rate and creates a break from work or daily stress. You can listen to beautiful music and use aromatherapy in a diffuser to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Gentle walking can become a social experience too. Invite family members, friends or co-workers to join in as the fitness level is easy for everyone.

Leisurely after-meals walking is super simple, easy to implement and can bring about great results especially for those with weight and blood sugar issues. A smart lifestyle change for 2019.

Happy strolling!

Love Chef Mel xx


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