Friday, November 24, 2017

Healing with Nature - The Earth

The Earth

Welcome to healing with the earth. Although we walk upon the earth there is a great deal more going on below the surface.

Hidden under the soil is a vast neighborhood of tree roots that communicate and share nutrition. 

Tree roots will leak sugar and other compounds that are then taken up by their neighbors. They also share nutrients with far away trees using thin threads of fungĂ­. These fungi hyphae create huge webs that form underground pathways to exchange hormones and other substances. 
Tree roots often rub together and actually become fused - even those of differing species. So a tree stump that appears dead can absorb nutrition and minerals from fused roots and flourish. It is as if all the neighboring trees are sharing one big circulatory system. 

The soil bacteria and fungi are very similar in structure to our digestive microbes. What harms our beneficial gut bacterias – the overuse of antibiotics and processed foods – is like the overuse of chemicals and fertilizers, and lack of good organic matter that damages the soil. Fortunately we now understand far more about the importance of healthy gut bacteria and fungi, and can hopefully apply a similar method to nurture and save the soil. We mirror the earth and it mirrors us.

Spending time outdoors is like plugging into a giant battery as the earth gives off a subtle, natural, electrical charge of energy.

When we directly connect to the earth we become electrically grounded, and feel, stronger, more balanced and solid. It is really important to stay connected to the earth especially with so many of us traveling and flying these days.
One of the best ways to become grounded is by going barefoot. You can sit, stand, or walk on grass, sand, soil, concrete or ceramic tile. Aim to go outside for at least 10 minutes although up to 30 minutes is best. You won’t receive the same benefits from carpets, tarmac, rubber, vinyl, tar, asphalt or 


Grounding has shown to improve stress, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, blood sugar levels, hormone balance, metabolism, memory, heart disease and weight issues.

Gardening is another wonderful way to get your hands in the soil, create beauty, and spend time naturally communicating with the earth.  
There is no time like the present to go outside and get grounded in nature.

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