Sunday, November 19, 2017

Healing with Nature - The Air

There's something in the air

We are so lucky to have trees otherwise we wouldn't be here. Our symbiotic relationship with them is amazing. We give trees carbon dioxide, which is absorbed through their leaves, and in return they give us oxygen. We all know we need air to survive.

Long, slow, deep breathing is vital for our lungs and overall health so it is essential to spend time in the woods and forest or by the sea to enjoy fresh, clear air. 

Breathing in, brings energy and moisture into our body. One of the functions of the lungs is to nourish our skin with a mist of fluids that also regulates our pores and perspiration. 
Deep breathing also helps to reduce stress, increase energy, be less reactive in challenging situations, improve digestion and prevent inflammation.

Relaxing breathing techniques are extremely helpful for bringing in the new and letting go of what is no longer needed. When we breath out we release carbon from the food we eat. We actually lose 80% of our fat through breathing.

Another simple way to stimulate the lungs is to let go of those things you no longer physically and emotionally need. Clear out your closets, basement, or garage and give yourself some well deserved breathing space! 

Oh yes, and fill the home with green plants to keep the air fresh and alive.

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