Monday, November 27, 2017

Healing with Nature - In the dark of the night

In the dark of the Night

We need the quiet, dark of the night for deep, restful sleep. 

In the past, our biological clock naturally took advantage of both the light from bright days, and the dark from the night.  

The moon, stars, candles, or logs burning in the fireplace were the only source of a soft, gentle light after sundown.  

Today, many of us are no longer getting enough dark in our lives which can be putting our health at risk. Poor sleep affects our energy, mood and emotions, and is both dehydrating and aging. Modern lighting, mobile phones, computers, and TV’s, are we negatively affecting our sleep. Studies have shown that when exposed to unnatural light at night there is an increased risk of diabetes, weight issues, heart problems and cancer.

Blue light is beneficial as part of the full spectrum of light during daylight hours especially at midday. It helps to boost attention and mood. However, blue light from energy efficient lighting and electronics with screens is most disruptive at night. It prevents the brain from producing melatonin thus making restful sleep more challenging.

It is important to create a quiet, dark and restful atmosphere in the bedroom.
To strengthen the association between the bedroom and sleep, keep mobiles, computers, TVs, and work materials out. Reduce EMR to a minimum. Use blinds or curtains to block outside light.  Open them when it is light in the morning. 

Make sure to get outside during the day for at least 10-15 minutes in all kinds of weather. 

Exposure to a regular pattern of light and dark is very important.

Sleep Tight!

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