Saturday, November 18, 2017

Healing with Nature - Plant based foods

Plant based foods are nature condensed. 

While growing in the fields, they absorb the energy from the sun, wind, rain, night, and also the nutrients from the earth. These elements are constantly flowing throughout our world and it is not possible to know exactly where they come from. 

This means the foods that come from the earth are connected to the whole and when we eat them, we also feel connected. 

It is important to choose fresh, seasonal, organic fruits, herbs and vegetables from our immediate surroundings, ideally from our gardens and local farms as this helps us to feel at home in our environment. 

Foods that can be dried and stored for longer periods such as grains, beans, sea vegetables, nuts, and seeds can come from further afield as long as the climate of origin is similar to ours.  

Humans have been trading foods for 100`s of years so we can also enhance our meals with a touch of the exotic to embrace the global community. 

It is a good idea to slow down at meal times, be grateful for what we have, and to become mindful of what we are eating.  

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